I Am Mfundishi

Great Grand Master Kemetic Priest Scientist

Afrakan Village Chief

Spiritual Warrior & Holistic Healer

Afrakologist Educator & Author

Ourstorian for the Development, Maintenance, Liberation and Independence of Afrakan People

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Pan-Afrakan Kulture

Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka n Heru Hassan Kamau El-Salim (aka Mfundishi) is a highly sought after consultant in areas of holistic wellness, Afrakan heritage and languages, education, international cultural immersion programs, and entrepreneurship. As a world-class author and lecturer, he speaks in the Americas, the Caribbean, Afraka and Europe. He is the Founder & President of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu Kush Kemet, an unincorporated educational and cultural organization within their family-owned business called Black Gold Sacred Kultural Healing Center. Mfundishi is creating a spiritual holistic village based on

the best of ancient Kemet in the modern world of today, practicing

Pan-Afrakanism from a symptomatic approach.

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What Is Mdw Ntchr?

Who is the Mdw Ntchr For?

The ancient Kemetic worldview—Mdw Ntchr—provides a blueprint for every Afrakan’s self-liberation. Through this Kemetic legacy we learn that science is spirituality that can be seen, touched and felt through an experience. But through the Mdw Ntchr we learn that spirituality is a science that cannot be seen or touched physically, but one can feel through it and experience its results.

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About Me

Mfundishi's name is east Afrakan origin from the ancient language of Mdw Ntchr (Words of the Divine) in Kash-Kemet (Nubia-Egypt) and Kiswahili. He is one of the rare teachers worldwide of the ancient Afrakan language of Mdw Ntchr taught from a Pan-Afrakan perspective. He has three masters degrees and a PhD in the areas of education and Afrakan heritage. He has developed several Afrakan Studies departments and speaks several Afrakan languages.


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Online Mdw Ntchr Resources

Spiritual Warriors are Healers

Foundational knowledge and wisdom from ancient Kemet and the Mdw Ntchr.

Mentchu-Hotep and the Spirit of the Medjay

The story of the king that brought forth the second golden age and set the stage for today.

Mdw Ntchr Flash Cards

Volume 1 - Alphabet

Volume 2 - Biliterals

Volume 3 - Triliterals

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