Mfundishi Jhuytms

Great Grand Master Kemetic Priest Scientist

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Four ways we give honor and praise to

our great ancestors:

1. We speak and write their name like they did.

2. We use and honor there great completed works.

3. We complete their incomplete great works.

4. We create perfect images of them in carvings, sculptures,

paintings, statues and monuments, so their likeness will be

remembered for eternity.

This wedding took place in the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn.

In ancient Kemet and Kash (Kush), the Kemetyu believed in One Creator, the spiritual Konsciouness in all things. The One Creator’s divine principles and laws were called Ntchru, and the worship of the Ntchru was part of everyday life. As with all civilizations, the spiritual system was linked to mythology and spiritual revelations. Much of the spiritual beliefs centered around the Heavens and Earth and the Hapy Eteru, (Nile River). The Kemety spiritual practices were linked to celestial movements - constellations, the sun Ra, the moon Eah, and the planets - which in turn guided their mythologies and way of life, so is above, so is below.

Mufundishi Jhutyms holding his book, “Spiritual Warriors are Healers,”

at the Metropolitan Museum in NY.

Mufundishi Jhutyms connecting with his Afrakan Ancestors in Kemet.

Mufundishi Jhutyms holding up his book Mentch Hotep in the Spirt of the

Medjay at his booth at the International African Art Festival (IAAF).


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